World of Tanks Round 3

My World of Tanks – v4

Title: World of Tanks
Type: Video Game
Released: 12th April 2011
Produced by:
Game modes: Multiplayer game

Last time I updated on my World of Tanks career was in November 2013. A LOT of things have changed for me. In January I found out that a few of my friends were playing World of Tanks quite a bit, so I got half a year of Premium Membership and quickly after I decided to get the Premium Tier VIII German Heavy Tank “Löwe”. Things escalated massively from there on, but first my primary moneymaker:


Löwe (Tier VIII)

So last time I updated my World of Tanks status, I was deeply invested in Tiger I and Tiger II. Let’s just say, I couldn’t resist this line and went forth to obtain the Tier 10 (X) tank in the Line, the E-100 and it was much easier than I expected, because playing with the E-75 that was after Tiger II was such a pleasure, especially with the top gun, so I went and got those two early on:


E-75 (Tier IX)


E-100 (Tier X)

As you might notice, I bought camouflage for both of them, and I also went ahead and bought it for my Tiger II and as previously my Tiger I also had it, so here they are:

Tiger I

Tiger I (Tier VII)

Tiger II

Tiger II (Tier VIII)

Of course while playing with my German heavy tanks, I also followed up on my initial line of tanks, my German Tank Destroyers. Last time I was at the JagdPzIv, but this soon changed with my additional income. I got the Jagdpanther and I even went further and just recently got the Jagdpanther II. I am also working my way steadily towards the Ferdinand and of course the JagdTiger.


Jagdpanther (Tier VII)

Jagdpanther II

Jagdpanther II (Tier VIII)

So I told you my friends were playing and they liked playing other types of tanks, so I got a bit inspired and I was also told of the promised land, which is the Russian heavy tanks around Tier 6 (VI) and Tier 7 (VII), so I went for the Russian heavy tanks:


KV-1S (Tier VI)


KV-2 (Tier VI)


IS (Tier VII)

I was also influenced to try out the Russian Tank Destroyers, since I haved died my fair amount of times to their damage. I reached the SU-152, but it is so cumbersome, so I have kind of stopped playing / progressing that tank destroyer for now, but here’s my progress so far:


SU-100 (Tier VI)


SU-152 (Tier VII)

In other areas I decided to try out medium tanks and scout tanks. So I got the following tanks:


ELC AMX (Tier V)


Panther (Tier VII)


MT-25 (Tier VI)

Finally, after what seems like a ton of tanks, I decided to platoon up with one of my friends by getting the Hellcat, the fast moving and hard hitting American Tank Destroyer:


Hellcat (Tier VI)

The last tank I have to show in this round, is the Pz. Sfl. V (Tier VII), it is on the line for the WT Auf E-100 (Tier X) and boy have I died horribly and been scared shitless by the ferocity of a Tier 10 autoloader tank destroyer, so I want it of course!

Pz. Sfl. V

Pz. Sfl. V (Tier VII)

Well that is all for now! I just reached 5000 battles played, I’m not sure if I’m proud or scared of that number, but the game is fun and I keep wanting to become better at angling, aiming and blowing other people up!

My current goals right now are:

  1. Get the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, Tier 8 (VIII) Tank Destroyer after the Pz. Sfl. V
  2. Get the Jagdtiger through playing the Jagdpanther II
  3. Finish the Jagdpanther by unlocking the Ferdinand
  4. Maybe go for the Panther II.