Dragon Zakura

Dragon Zakura (ドラゴン桜)

Title: Dragon Zakura (ドラゴン桜)
Type: TV-show
Aired: 2005
Produced by: Media Mix Japan Co.
Duration: 11 episodes

In the Japanese society, status and education is everything, parents want to give their kids the best and brightest futures by sending them off to the very best institutes of education. Todai University of Tokyo is the very best and everyone dreams of having a child that attends this very university. High Schools are valued on the amount of students that go to Todai. The worst school must then of course be the one that doesn’t send anyone to Todai, the name of that school is Ryuzan High School.

Ryuzan High School is a school in Tokyo, led by an incompetent wife of the dead principle, the students are not getting good marks and there is nothing left but to close down the school. The lives of almost every student in the school is unfulfilled and ripe with ridicule for attending Ryuzan High School.

Dragon Zakura Cast

The main characters of Dragon Zakura

Therefore it has been decided to close Ryuzan High School. In order to wrap up the closure of the school properly a lawyer has to look in on the situation in order to determine the right course of action. The lawyer who gets the task is a former student, who has almost broken the bad cycle of a bad life by becoming a lawyer and he has one desperate plan to turn things around for the Ryuzan High School and its students.

By taking a group of students with nothing to lose, getting a lot of his old teachers back and giving the students the goal of getting into the Todai University within a year, with dramatical improvements to their skills, the school can be saved and get a lot of new students.

Why I liked it

This is the setup of Dragon Zakura, and it’s very focused around school and doing homework. This might be off-putting to you, but I liked the students, their rebellious natures and the developments in the show. I do recommend watching it, even though the leader of the school plays an infuriating role along with the regular teachers!