Year of the Snake

Birthday has come again!

My birthday has come around again and I had to break my silence to talk about it! There are a few good reasons for being silent / not writing regularly and that’s the following:

Development on Heroes & Generals

We are working hard right now on finishing up a major build, probably one of the biggest we’ve done in a long time. This is very exciting and I’ve been working throughout evenings regularly for a while now. I can’t wait till this build gets wrapped up and shipped out to players.

Press Event, Open Beta announcement and PAX East

Just before we announced the Open Beta of Heroes & Generals, we brought in media from various countries in Europe. I was part of the demonstration and interviews. This was very exciting and very different from my day to day work in the company! This suddenly lead to me being presented with the opportunity of going to PAX East in Boston to present the game to the American press and I accepted this offer on the spot!

So from the 22nd to the 24th of March, I’ll be doing interviews at PAX East!

The year 2013

I think this year will be just as exciting as 2012 was and I’m really looking forward to what’s going to happen! This is also a year where I’ll try to add more development related posts, since they seemed to draw a lot of attention and I like to help people figure out issues with various programs!