Unity of Command

Unity of Command

Title: Unity of Command
Type: Video Game
Released: 17th october 2012
Produced by: 2×2 Games
Game modes: Single-Player Game, Multiplayer Game

A game I recently picked when it went on sale at last! I can only sum it up as a modernized successor to the Panzer General games. Though a bit simplified, it is essentially the same type of game, and really well made.

I have only been playing as Axis in the first campaign that consists of 9 scenarios, but so far I have only seen 7 of them, since the last 2 requires a very smooth Stalingrad scenario and that is one tough nut to crack. Below you can see my current status in the Axis Campaign of 1942-1943:

Unity of Command Campaign

The only blemish

Now you know that I’m completely hooked with this game, there is one annoying feature in the game and that’s the automatic saving system / the forced chronology and losing all progress if you try to redo a scenario.

An example of this is, I have just unlocked Stalingrad scenarios and if I do the 3 next scenarios, then if I want to retry the Stalingrad scenario, then I will lose all my progress after Stalingrad, meaning three scenarios I really had a tough time completing to a satisfactory degree.

Another frustrating design choice is the fact that you can only have 1 campaign running at a time, so if I decide to give the Axis a rest and try my hands with the Russian part, then I will lose my entire progress with the Axis. Why? I simply don’t get it!

Still though…

The game is incredibly addictive and it’s very easy to learn (at least I thought so), but so incredibly hard to master! I can only recommend getting this game, if you like turn based games and Panzer General. I know this is a short recommendation post, but this game is short, to the point and I decided that I would be the same way in my recommendation of the game!