Atom Zombie Smasher

Atom Zombie Smasher

Title: Atom Zombie Smasher
Type: Video Game
Released: 14th march 2011
Produced by: Blendo Games
Game modes: Single-Player Game, Local Co-op

I picked this game up by buying a Humble Bundle long ago and I recently started playing by coincidence. I found it on my Steam Games list and I decided to give it a try!

I went through 1 campaign with all the settings being normal and I’ve sort of started a new one, but the settings weren’t quite what I wanted, so I’m thinking I’ll start a new campaign and go through it again later.

The game

Below you can see the campaign map, from which you decide on missions and keep up to date with the Victory track (if you are beating the zombie infestation or not).

Campaign map in AZM

This map worked really well for me, since it does more than just make the single missions a sort of fluid tower defense / rescue missions against the clock and hordes of zombies that wants to devour the remaining survivors of the city. You also get scientists, which are used as currency for upgrades to either artillery, helicopter or xp gained for your units.

Below you can see an image of a typical mission and the layout of one of the cities you’ll be airlifting survivors out of.

A Typical Level in AZS

The game has 3 difficulty levels for rescue missions and then it has a 2nd mission type, which is destroying all the zombies in a city before night fall. This can be very difficult due to the ever changing setup that you are given for each mission. Especially if all you get is a bunch of barricades, some mines and packs of explosives.

What you have to experience

There is a great soundtrack accompanying this game and it also has a wonderful style in it’s cartoon-like vignettes and descriptions of events. I really like the way the game handles the zombie apocalypse that is starting to become slightly repetitive since everyone is or has done a zombie game by now. Atom Zombie Smasher does it slightly differently and with a nice angle on game types I’ve tried before and liked, but left shortly afterwards. I fear the same will happen with Atom Zombie Smasher, but there are so many mods that I could try out and maybe that will keep me coming back.

I know this sounds like it’s awfully negative and that I’ve barely finished 1 normal size (6000 points) campaign and I’m already ditching it. I would still say that the game has its moments and it’s definitely worth checking out if you like Tower Defense / Zombie apocalyptic games / having a campaign map and desperately trying to stem the tide before all is lost, which works really well!