World Without End

World Without End by Ken Follett

Title: World Without End
Type: Book
Published: 9th october 2007
Author: Ken Follett
Page count: 1024

I read this glorious book a couple of years back and this has been on my list ever since to write about. It is the sequel to the astonishing Pillars of the Earth, which I’ve written about previously, read it here.

My respect for Ken Folletts writing has only deepened while I read the second book, as it both continues the story of Kingsbridge but also creates another fantastic set of characters, each with great motivations and personalities, which makes you really interested what their fate is.

World Without End

It has been so long since I read the book, so it’s quite difficult to go into the details, but I don’t really want to go into any details about the book, since the journey the characters undertake during the book is exceptional and have to be read. The journey starts when three childhood friends save a knight from dying, while playing in the woods, and it ends the day that Kingsbridge is put back on the map by having the tallest building in all of England. There are many historical events that have really happened that intertwine with the story and it fits so perfectly it really feels like the characters in the book were really there.

I often mostly read science fiction or fantasy, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both of Ken Follett’s books about medieval England, even though it’s essentially about construction of churches, the characters and their developments are so gripping, I can’t helpĀ  myself and I keep reading to find out what happens next.

Do give this a try!

I know that this is a short post, but it wouldn’t make any sense to go into more details about the book, as I don’t want to give anything away. It’s simply a book I really hope you pick along with the first story of Kingsbridge and how the city grew into what it is in World Without End. It is truly a city built upon the shoulders of one mans dream! And it is continued in the spirit of his descendant. Please rent, borrow or buy both books and give them a try, they are well worth the read.