Hotel Babylon

Hotel Babylon

Title: Hotel Babylon
Type: TV-show
Aired: 2006-2009
Produced by: BCC [UK]
Duration: 4 seasons

My girlfriend introduced me to this British TV show and we watched it together. The show centers around the intrigues, romances, glamorous guests and threats occuring at a 5 star hotel called Babylon.

Introductions are in order

Hotel Babylon is a 4 season show that aired from 2006 – 2009. It has 4 seasons with a mostly intact cast throughout the four seasons, even though the lead character goes away at the end of season 3. You follow the various employees and bosses of Hotel Babylon and how things are handled behind the facade of a hectic and very competitive world. It is a show that can be serious, but mostly has a lot of dry British humour.

People make Hotel Babylon

You follow a likable guy who’s just wants to do the job he loves, which is working at Hotel Babylon, even though he had to cheat to get hired by not mentioning that he has a less than picture perfect past. Of course the past catches up through the seasons and it’s a great journey that Charlie is on.

He is surrounded by an extremely varied group of people that make up the staff of Hotel Babylon. As Charlie, most of the employees themselves are less than picture perfect and each character in turn is explored and their backgrounds, fears and dreams get special attention throughout the show.

The one uniting factor for the staff is that they are eager to help the guests and keep their jobs by whatever means they have to. The interaction between the various employees and the guests is the glue that keeps Hotel Babylon exciting and together. It is always a pleasure to just watch another episode to find out how they got themselves into an especially unfortunate situation and how they get themselves out of it again or to discover more of the stories that happen in the hotel on an almost daily basis.

After a few episodes or even a season, you’ll be cheering on the various people in the staff and you want to find out more about these people and see if they make it! It is entertaining till the end.

Is it all good?

The first three seasons of the show is the meat of the show, this is the story of Charlie and the original crew of the hotel, the fourth season is an extra season if you want to know what happens to the other people in the staff. But if you’re a great fan of Charlie and his story, then the first three seasons will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings for Hotel Babylon.

It’s one of the most pleasant surprises for me in a very long time, I didn’t expect a lot, but I was soon the one trying to get another episode squeezed in during the evening. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen to Charlie, Tony, Anna, Ben, Gino, Jackie or James. So many great characters in that show!