The year 2012

2012 was a fantastic year. Professionally and personally it has been a year of change and discoveries. So many things have happened and I’ve been playing catch up all year! So below you’ll find a selection of the major events in my life throughout 2012!

Reto-Moto: Heroes & Generals

The year started out with a huge change in my life, a new job. I switched from Daman to Reto-Moto on monday the 2nd of January 2012 and I’ve been there since. It has been an incredible experience throughout the entire year. So many things have happened at work. I’ve met fans, been in trailers, created and expanded functionality for the game, almost worked with everyone in the company, had many laughs and discussions with almost as many! We’ve celebrated releases, a publishing deal with Square-Enix (http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/community/11388/news-from-the-front-november-2012) and of course a christmas lunch that lasted well into the night!


Vashu that’s me!

We’ve gone from Alpha into Closed Beta and during the Closed Beta, we’ve released 5 major builds and many small builds in order to fix or improve the game. We have released videos to showcase the changes here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6AF14F3F5BFD184C

I’m certain 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for both myself in Reto-Moto and for Heroes & Generals.


2012 had a few vacations as well.

I took a weekend trip to Oslo with my girlfriend and had a 7 hour sightseeing / power-walk around Oslo on a rainy saturday in June. Below is a picture of the famous ski-jump in Oslo called Holmenkollen.


A famous ski-jump in Oslo, impressive to see it and I liked how it vanishes into the fog.

The biggest and most exciting experience this year was definitely my summer vacation that took me to China, more specifically the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. I went there with my girlfriend, who’s Chinese. We spent 4 days in Beijing, 11 days in Xi’an and 3 days in Shanghai. It was 3 weeks packed full of impressions, culture, family introductions, incredible relics from Chinas long history and the wonders of modern China. Pictures explain more than words, so I’ll let them to the talking!

The Forbidden City

The main entrance to the Chinese Emperor’s Forbidden City at night

Chinese Food

The food in China was at sometimes jawdropping, like eating this beast of a crab!

The Terracotta Army

2000 years old and still incredibly impressive. A monstrous amount of work was put into these and destroyed right after completion.

Shanghai Skyline

The jewel of the East as it was called, Shanghai is entrancing at night time!

To end of the year, I went with my family to France for a weekend skiing trip to Alpe d’Huez, the view from my room was the following:

Alpe d'Huez

The view from the room we stayed in of the French Alps


It has been a pleasure being able to really work in depth with programming and working on solutions for the part of the game I’m working on. It has also been fun to take over and be in charge of what I’m working with, although it did happen awfully quick, I’m now the goto guy for my area and that’s a fun position to have.

Furthermore, I have moved together with my girlfriend and it’s going to be interesting to live with her in 2013. Moving was also a very healthy process for myself, to look at what things I own and if I actually really need or use them. It’s highly recommended as you find out you might just be keeping a lot of things without actually needing them around.

2012 was the year that I bought a tablet and I’ve quite enjoyed my purchase, even though it isn’t an Ipad that everyone hails as the peak within the area. I’m very happy with my ASUS Transformer tablet and I’m sure I’ll continue being content with it for a (fingers crossed) long time!

Also I’ve had time throughout the year to play many great games, as the various posts on my blog witness and I’ve done a complete overhaul of the layout of my blog and updated all images on previous posts on my blog. It was a year where I’ve been very erratic with my blogging, due to both an increased focus on my work, spending time with my girlfriend or just kicking back when I get home.

It has also been the year where I’ve taken a ton of images with my camera and I’ve spent a considerable time presenting pictures to my family and friends or playing around with them. It has also been the year where I’ve uploaded the least pictures during a year to any service, since I just don’t feel the urge and it’s more fun talking to people about what I’ve seen and where I’ve been when they are in my company. I guess it’s a kind of reaction towards the “Share everything” habit that a lot of people have. I’m fine with not showing how utterly fascinating my life and the food I eat is!

Looking forward:

2013 is a year I look forward too. First of all it includes my favorite number (13), which is my favorite number because it’s my birthday and everyone seems to think it brings bad luck, so I’ve decided to make it a thing of luck for myself!

Secondly 2013 starts out with everything poised for a good year. We’ve survived the “End of the world according to Mayan Calendar” gibberish that everyone whined about but didn’t really believe. I’ve just finished moving to a new place. I have the job that I want to keep and colleagues I enjoy working with.

I look forward to keeping this online journal moving forward in the new year and play around with both format and style as we move along.