Title: Rage
Type: Video Game
Released: 7th october 2012
Produced by: id Software
Game modes: Single-Player Game, Multiplayer Game

It went on discount for some reason on Steam and I decided to give it a try! That was on the 22nd of November 2012 and now a little more than 2 weeks later I’ve just finished playing the game! The last couple of days has been almost complete Rage evenings, because I was enjoying the game! That has to be a good thing right? Well Rage does a fair amount of things really well and has been praised for it, but it definitely also does a lot of things oddly or even badly.

The first thing you see

Loading up the game and deciding on a difficulty setting is probably the first thing you would encounter, but when I write “The first thing you see”, I mean the first steps after the load screen and into the post apocalyptic world of Rage. A world after the bombs started falling and humanity descended into a barbaric chaos of tribes, settlements fighting to stave off mutants and robbers and a world where Arks containing improved humans pop up once in a while across the globe only to be found and experimented on by a group called “The Authority”. Of course where there is an authority there is also a rebellion, but more on that later.

My point was, the world of Rage is really something. The locations are sort of diverse and actually some of them were incredibly well done. Everything from ramshackle settlements, towns, cities and even huge fortresses are among the sites you’ll visit. The atmosphere is really just well done. It’s a sort of hybrid between Firefly (the TV-show), Half life 2 actually and a heavy topping of Fallout on top. I really liked it!

Rage - Environment

The above setpiece is one of the great things to see throughout the game. But what is a world without characters that are unique and provide you with things to do and that’s actually another thing that Rage does extremely well, the characters.

The people you talk to and the ones you kill

You enter into this broken world and you encounter bandits that want to kill you and you meet groups of people who aren’t directly trying to kill you, but they sure seem to get you into a lot of hot-spots, where you find trouble quick enough!

Rage - Character: Loosum Hagar

This is but one of the many characters you encounter in Rage, her name is Loosum Hagar and she teaches you how to use a certain kind of weapon. She is a true testament and there was a lot of pictures posted of her back when Rage was released, primarily because the characters in general are fantastically well crafted. They are far from “flawless creatures” but that’s what everyone’s been banging on about and I have to agree. They are so “real”, yet stylized like a video game / cartoon can do.

Another important point to Rage is the enemies and their behavior. When you first encounter wall climbing mutants or the behavior of shooting an enemy in the arms or legs and the way they tumble but still carry on, you feel threatened in a completely different way than in most computer games I’ve ever played. It added a completely new layer of targeting and evading enemies. This is a fantastic way of behavior for enemies in any game and I really hope that ID keeps this for later games! Also they come in great variety and with awesome designs!

The things you are asked to do

Sadly when they start giving you quests everything falls a little apart, the quests are reusing a lot of areas, and the areas you go to including the actual world is very restricted. This is a massive shame, because Rage has so much going on otherwise. You go into old world banks, caves, sewers, high tech fortresses, settlements, meteor craters and even a power plant. They all have unique features and characteristics, but they are so linear and you can’t revisit if you just wanted to. Areas has to be unlocked through story and doors have to close behind you or open in front of you when the progression wills it.

This might seem like a deal-breaker, but thank goodness there are more things to keep you occupied and most of the missions are still interesting, though they go against the game.

The races are actually quite fun, especially when you unlock the rocket races and even the one pulse gun race there is. Once you get a feel for the handling of the cars, it was nice to take some races instead of rushing on with the next quest.

Another thing that I found quite funny in Rage, was the mini-games. Especially the Card game was fun, because it reminds me of Magic: The Gathering. You slowly build up your deck throughout the game and learn how to beat more difficult decks. Other mini-games include reproducing notes that a guy plays, rolling dices and shooting zombies or using a knife between your fingers (I’m not sure of the name of that game). I played a lot more cards than I did everything else.

The guns you shoot with and the crafting

Something I haven’t even mentioned so far, is the guns you use to deal with situations. You start out with fists, but slowly the weaponry opens up into Multiple types of ammunition per weapon, with a few sprinkled upgrades across the game and several weapons around halfway and towards the end just make you like a angry god among armored men and enemies!

You also get to craft a lot of useful gadgets, improvements or bandages for health. I especially liked the strategic placement of a Sentry Turret, which ended up doing all the work for me against a wave of mutants, another great moment was deploying to Spider Robots to take care of a huge amount of mutants that came from all sides of me. I just had to hang back and watch the carnage!

Rage, how I worked it out

As an action game where you just want to see things and kill monsters, it’s actually incredibly entertaining, but the story and how it ends is a tad disappointing because the plot was just beginning to move towards a huge conflict and instead you get a brief end cinematic where apparently all problems are fixed by you uploading some data. I’ve been cleansing a small part of the world of mutants and “The Authority” along with a small part of “The Resistance”. And apparently that was all it took to fix most problems in the ENTIRE world.

If you can get past the fact that it’s not for the story or great quests, but for shooting things in the face / legs / arms / torso or backs, then Rage is a fun game that’s really quite good looking!