FTL: Faster Than Light

Title: FTL: Faster Than Light
Type: Video Game
Released: 14th september 2012
Produced by: Subset Games
Game modes: Single-Player Game

My little space randomly generated adventure. Ever since I decided to throw the measly 10 $ after this game on GoG.com, I’ve been hard pressed to not play it. It’s cruel, it’s punishing when you fight the Rebel Flagship at the end and this is on Easy!! But it’s also so damn fun to manage your tiny crew men, unlock new ships and try out different playstyles to killing your enemies.

Do you go with boarding? Do you go with Missiles? Do you try out that new Zoltan Ship you unlocked or do you just load up a ton of drones to do the work for you? Do you invest heavily in stealth or do you go all out on Dodge through your FTL drive or a huge amount of Bombs? Or perhaps you’re more interesting in playing with your Federation ship or the Engi ship? I’ve probably said a lot of about what’s possible, but there are many paths and then you add on mods to the game and you’ve got a lot of options.

I’ve only unlocked 3 ship types in total right now and that’s out of the 9 you can get to begin with! It’s truly great how much replay value you get out of the game, if this kind of game is for you. I might say, it’s very random, but I never felt that was a problem, because that’s what it kinda says before you play it 🙂

All this time I’ve been playing, I’ve only reached the boss three times! I think and I’ve lost every time, though 2 times in phase 2 out of a reported 3 phases.

FTL - Boss Fight

It’s daunting, sure, but it’s also for me atleast, extremely satisfying! Also the price is fantastic and it’s a game that was helped by Kickstarter, though I didn’t support them back then, I dearly regret not doing just that!

Try it out, it’s good fun! Though I do suspect that it’s a hate / love kind of game. Either you’ll be frustrated out of your mind with the boss fight or you’ll be like me and really enjoy the journey and the options you have throughout it! If you don’t like bitter defeat or running out of fuel, then it’s probably not for you! But be told, there is a great satisfaction in turning around horrible situations or teleporting into enemy ships only to destroy their vital systems and see them perish in flames or lack of oxygen!