Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

Title: Fallout: New Vegas
Type: Video Game
Released: 22nd october 2010
Produced by: Obsidian Entertainment
Game modes: Single-Player Game

So I waited almost 2 years before I finally started playing and getting hooked on this game! It’s the “indirect” sequel to Fallout 3 without a number and made by Obsidian Entertainment, who are famous for a lot of great RPG’s throughout the last 15 years. It’s funny how a new pair of eyes on a great universe, along with a good amount of improvements and additions can make for an equally addictive experience.

The great things about New Vegas

There are a couple of things I would like to touch upon regarding Fallout: New Vegas. The options you have in Fallout: New Vegas compared to Fallout 3, The world, the quests and the DLC.

Choices, we make a ton of them every day and we’ll keep making a lot of choices about what we want to do / see / experience moving forward in our lives. Some choices have a certain air of importance to them compared the ones where we decide if we want to brush our teeth first. This is what Fallout does well, which is to make situations where you have to make choices about your own and more often than not other peoples lives. A good example is the looting or saving of Goodsprings, the first village you encounter where you can either save them from a local gang or let them all die by the hands of this local gang. What I really like is that you can do more or less whatever you want. You can choose to kill everyone instead of taking the morally perceived “good or “bad” solutions. Also Fallout 3 didn’t take the choices as far as they have in Fallout New Vegas. There are 3 main factions, then there is a rogue faction within 1 faction and there is the complete wildcard solution, all of which are perfectly viable options. It was great fun trying out some of the options and really just switching my allegiance to whomever I liked at the moment.
The only dissappointing area of Fallout New Vegas is that it handles the ending of the game like Fallout 3, a bunch of cutscenes rounding out the story. They are not bad as such, but it feels a bit cheap, when they are just a selection of sound files and images that explain how you shaped New Vegas and the Mojave Desert around it. I wish it was more meaty, but I was okay with how the endings were handled.

The world is really well done in New Vegas. You can almost at any time locate the light in the sky around the area of New Vegas. You have 3 major factions, a lot of fascinating factions running around and most of all a ton of great places to discover, which I’m really into when I finally get hooked on a game. I equally liked some of the quests, discovering what went wrong in a Vault never gets old to me. Seeing the insane atrocities humans are capable of or just helping dedicate researchers rediscover some of the wonders of the Old World.

Fallout: New Vegas - Helios One

The Downloadable Content – 4 stories

There are 4 DLCs to Fallout New Vegas and they vary greatly in both location, story and array of characters you encounter. From the Rescuing / Slaughtering of modern day indians in the Honest Hearts package. This was the second of the DLC’s I tackled and it was pretty lackluster coming from the Old World Blues DLC, which sees you losing your heart, spine and brain within the first 5 minutes and then go on a quest to both save a bunch of floating brains from another floating brain and try to get your body parts back, while exploring the massive research facility called the Big Empty, which experiments with a lot of Old World technology. This was very fun and I quite liked the weapons and gadgets I picked up after this, which included my own personal stash area, filled with repair benches, book burners and hypnotic lighting.
Then I pressed on into the first DLC that came out, but it was my third. Dead Money, which was actually pretty cool with shambling ghost citizens and some pretty interesting characters. Especially the sort of “silent” love interest you meet and the former Brotherhood of Steel leader that literally booby traps you into doing his bididng.
I ended up playing the final DLC last, which is called Lonesome road. Another courier like myself called Ulysses has some issues with me, since I brought a detonator that blew up the place he liked the most. It was a very cool setting and there was a moment that was truely “frustrating” in the typical Fallout way, where I did something I didn’t want to do in order to proceed and further condemn myself in th eyes of Ulysses. It had some great scenes throughout and I always enjoy wielding great power in the final choice of any long mission.
The ending slideshows of the DLC packages were actually very good. I really liked the tone and melancholy in all of them. They also had much tighter storylines, since they were all made as independent stories of each other, which worked really well.

The sad part about Fallout New Vegas:

Even though I waited 2 years to play the game, it was still crashing on me when I reloaded certain save games, talked to certain NPCs and shot a person in V.A.T.S the wrong way ( I don’t know, it seemed the most obvious answer ). It’s a shame that such a fun game can be ruined by such frustrating errors as a crash in a section where you aren’t quicksaving by mistake. It also led me into a frenzy of quick saving just to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything in case of a crash. I felt it was kind of a shame really.

I had just finished the 3rd DLC when I found a Scribe from the Brotherhood of Steel (which I had wiped out) and she was happy to follow me along and when I talked to her, before recruiting her, everything was like nothing had changed in the world. Then I recruit her and she instantly knows everything that’s happened. Shame how that actually broke my immersion for a while. If she had waited a bit or something like that until we’d seen the world, it wouldn’t have been so jarring.

The beginning of Fallout: New Vegas was really tough for me to get through actually. I didn’t know I would get a free shot at every faction when I entered New Vegas and therefore I didn’t like how I had become a villain with 2 out of 3 of the major factions within a few hours of the game. This was of course to introduce me to the law of the land along with the big factions and then choose which one I wanted to be part of. But I ended up being hunter by NCR rangers (who killed me instantly) and assasins from Caesar’s Legion (also killing me instantly), which made my start time very unpleasant. The lesson is that I should rush through the beginning to get to the turning point, reputation and damagedealing wise, to get a much more enjoyable time.


So is new Vegas something I would recommend? Most definitely yes, especially if you just liked Fallout 3 a bit, then it works as a great followup with a lot to offer and see! I can recommend getting the GOTY edition, to save on the DLC and get 3 stories that are great and one that is so-so. They also expand upon people who was important before your arrival and what happened to them!

So go to the Mojave Desert and start carrying around WAY more ammo than you need, more tin cans than you ever would want to carry and use a wide range of guns to kill those who stand in your way!