Solar 2

Solar 2, meddling with the beginning of the universe!

I picked up this little title during the Christmas sales. It’s a sort-of simulation of how the worlds began and how a small asteroid turns into a massive solar system or even a black hole, if the mass becomes too great!

What Solar is about

Solar 2 isn’t a very deep game nor is it a very story driven game. It’s basically about you and your tiny speck of dust in the infinite space that grows by absorbing asteroids until you become a star, then your prey becomes the planets you evolved from and soon you’ll be nurturing a whole array of planets dependent on your radiant light!

You can fly around, defend planets, destroying alien invaders or just enjoy smashing your carefully nurtured planets and stars into the neighbouring constellations or you can try to complete the mystery quests. It doesn’t go towards any highscore, it’s just there for you to spend time drifting about serenely or destructively.

The thing about Solar 2 that has seen me spend hour after hour just drifting about is actually the music and the desire to just get another star in my system. Combined they have quite a pull. I would just like to repeat the part about the music, the whole atmosphere is just relaxing and very peaceful, it makes for great relaxation, after having a long day or just being in need of some quiet time.

Is the price right?

It certainly was for me during the Christmas sales, the longevity and replay value is minimal, but it’s nice to bring out the game once in a while and just look at my collection of stars grow and being capable of violent destruction or benevolent creation!

There is a demo, so you should try it out, before you buy, but I’ve heard that the demo was awfully limited, but then again, the gameplay / depth doesn’t get massively more complicated than what I’ve seen.