Two For One 2012

Two for One, a fantastic concept!

In Denmark, the prices of eating, going out and living are quite high. So someone came up with the idea of making a discount book where you get a very simple deal, buy 1 meal / drink or experience and you get the second one for free. The book can be bought in any book store called “Bog & Idé” and I’m sure you can get it other shops as well.

I bought the book for the first time in 2011 and it has given me opportunities and ideas for places I wouldn’t have gone at all during 2011, especially restaurants.

I am hoping that I’ll get even more more out of the book this year and I can only recommend that you get a book. The book is especially good for couples, but in the adventure section there’s a lot of stuff for a couple of friends or if you want to go to Cocktail bars, there’s an entire section for that as well. I could go on with all the take-away options as well!

Check it out on their website and see if it’s not something for you!