Dexter – Season 6

I just finished the 6th season of the tv-show centered around a very lovable serial killer called Dexter Morgan. He works in Homicide and through the first 5 seasons of the shows he has had to deal with a lot of problems, is the 6th season up to standards or is the show becoming nothing more than a cash cow for Showtime to milk? Find out if you read on.

Warning: The first section contains heavy spoilers about the plot(s) in the first 5 seasons, read at your own will

The plot so far

The Dexter show is about relationships, feelings and good vs evil. It is a journey of personal growth and development. It is also a gruesome trail of death and coldbloodedness.

I’ll try to avoid spoiling the story of the previous 5 seasons, but I’ll briefly touch upon the subjects at play in the seasons before the 6th one.

Dexter starts out emotionally crippled and so distant from everyone else around him. He doesn’t feel anything for anyone and he follows the code of his father that has taught him how to interact and avoid getting noticed in life. He meets his brother, whom is the first person that understands him and he shows the first scarce emotions.

He gets involved with a female and he starts developing feelings for her. At the same time he is getting pressured from a colleague that finds out he’s a serial killer. He also has to deal with an obsessive girlfriend.

After being in a relationship with his girlfriend, he takes the first steps towards marriage with her, while he also allows a person into his life as a true friend for the first time. Sadly the friendship goes horribly wrong and doesn’t end well.

Dexter and Rita, his wife¬† who has 2 kids, are learning how to live together and raise a family all the while a serial killer returns to prey upon Florida once more. Dexter wants nothing more than to find and kill the serial killer before the Police. The serial killer the “Trinity Killer” discovers Dexter identity and before Dexter and the Trinity Killer can settle their differences, Dexter finds his newborn son in a pool of blood alongside his dead Wife.

Dexter is distraught and feels the weight of the wife’s death on his shoulders, which he blames himself for. He is left with 3 children and a lot of questions about life. He finds a girl who’s been tortured by a group of men and wants to take revenge. Dexter wants to help her to ease his own pain and in a close race with the Police they finally get them all.

Which brings me to the last season that has finished airing for Dexter.

The 6th season and it’s theme

Things are calming down for Dexter, his son and him are leading a peaceful normal (as normal as it can be) with a colleagues sister taking care of Harrison (his son) while he’s at work. Meanwhile Dexter’s sister gets speed promoted to the leader of the station they both work at and Dexter finds himself doubting a victim that seems to truly have changed, he has found faith. The theme of the season, as you might have guessed¬† from the picture is one of faith. Dexter is in a race against time with a serial killer called the Doomsday killer and the acting of the opposing actor(s) is great. The simple and fantastic portrayal of Dexter as a beast works really well and the season has a whole score of surprises all the way to the incredible ending that leaves you gripping the seat of your chair, bed, couch or wherever you might see this.

Is the show still worth your time?

Absolutely, it is one of the few shows that has keeping me edging ever close to the edge of my seat with each season and I am a big fan of the narrator approach and the whole evolution of Dexter’s person and the challenges. Especially the introduction and use of themes throughout the seasons makes for a fantastic show. I will recommend the show to anyone who likes a good story and a strong main character. Even the side characters work really well and makes for great episodes.

I, personally, can’t wait for the 7th season!