Taste of Chaos

Taste of Chaos and the fire of KB-hallen

On the 29th of september 2011, the oldest sports arena in Copenhagen burnt down. Almost precisely a year after I had attended the above event “Taste of Chaos“. I’ll think back to both the concert and the fire below.

The concert:

I went to see Disturbed as the main attraction and the band that I like the most out of the 4 bands on the playbill.

Disturbed has incredibly powerful imagery surrounding their songs and they have made great album after album. Also their lead singer has an incredible voice and it was the first time that my mobile phone couldn’t handle the volume of a concert. If you’ve read / seen some of my earlier concert posts, you might have heard the recordings. Below you can find my recording of Asylum, which was the first song Disturbed played at the concert.

The sheer volume and close confines of KB-hallen made the noise unbearable for my phone. I apologize for the multitude of sound failures in the video!

It was the first concert of this type for me and it’s first of all a very different crowd from the concerts (electronic) that I use to attend. It was fun to see and experience and I’m glad I tagged along. You can check my channel for more recordings. I have recordings of Papa Roach, Disturbed and Halestorm. The 4th band cancelled sadly.

The Fire:

Almost a year passes and one day I read in the news that KB-hallen was in flames (pun intended). The oldest sports arena in Copenhagen and I managed to see a concert in it. A lot of jokes surrounded the serious matter of losing such a historical site, since it was currently hosting a sex themed conference. I myself came up with the very unoriginal joke about the sex conference being too hot for the sports arena (Ho ho ho).

Below you can see a picture of the sports arena on fire:

Fire in KB Hallen

And the next image is of the arena after the fires were put out, it’s unbelievable how it in my mind was packed with people, good times and a lot of music and only to see it reduced to this:

KB-hallen - Burnt Down

I’ll remember my only trip to KB-hallen fondly and I hope that the rebuilding project will create an even better sports arena in the memory of what was lost in the fire.

Why the late posting?

This post has been lying in my drafts section for so long and when it’s a hobby some things just take that extra time to get processed. I’m just glad I could see a part of history before it’s gone.

It makes you think about all the small treasures, however seemingly insignificant that are found everywhere around us. It makes me treasure them just that tiny bit more and also made me think about how much we take for granted when everything around us has it’s own story to tell.