Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals, the dream!

Ever since I became deeply fascinated by watching games being played, I have nourished a desire to develop games and help craft the worlds that I have enjoyed for more than a decade and now I take my first steps into the world of game development! Read on to find out how!!

As you might have guessed, I will start working for the company behind the computer game Heroes & Generals, starting the 2nd of January! I will be switching from my current job as a Web Developer in a Digital Agency to a position as Programmer in Reto-Moto.

About Reto-Moto

Everyone I have told about the new job, have immediately asked who I was going to work for and I have answered Reto-Moto. Everyone has answered with a puzzled look and then asked, what background do they have? Is it safe to work for such an unknown company? What most people don’t know is that Reto-Moto consists of a lot of the people who have worked with IO Interactive and the Hitman games, from the very beginning and up till Blood Money, which is the 2nd newest game in the Hitman series. So it is not just some unknown group of developers, trying to make a living with games that I’m joining.

About Heroes & Generals

The game itself is a mix between a World War II themed shooter and a persistent campaign fought over the cities and regions of Central Europe (to begin with). In the game you can choose between 2 roles. Descriptions are taken from the game’s website:

The Action game is a modern multiplayer First Person Shooter game with multiple game modes, such as assaulting/defending an important strategic area, penetrating behind enemy lines to destroy supplies, gather intelligence or destroy enemy air defenses. Players progress, request for reinforcements/air strikes/etc. are fed up through the chain of command to the players playing the strategy game.

The Strategy game lets players enjoy the strategic side of waging war, devise grand plans and manage support, reinforcements and logistics. Set up defenses and plan attacks and support the boys on the ground as they fight their way through the enemy lines.

It is also planned to have a Casual approach (using Smartphones). The following is taken from the website as well:

Handheld and casual games add yet another layer to the fray. From a smartphone or on your favourite social network you can provide valuable support to the war effort. Help decode enemy intelligence, execute bombing raids and more to support both players playing the action game and the general staff planning the grand strategies.

Whether you are sitting in front of a high-end gaming pc or standing on the bus you can enjoy the game and have fun while doing your part for the war effort.

Follow the development

Heroes & Generals is being developed with the players right alongside the developers. A lot of the input from the forums will be implemented into the game. Everything can be found on heroesandgenerals.com.

Help out the game and register for an alpha-key. Help us create a glorious World War II game!