Casa Mexico

Casa Mexico

Near Christianshavn Metro, a small Mexican restaurant called Casa Mexico is located. I have visited it quite a few times and each time the price, quality and atmosphere has been absolutely great. It’s very affordable and you can sit by yourself while enjoying traditional Mexican food.

I always go to Casa Mexico to celebrate good occasions or just to get a nice dinner away from home. The Nachos, the Tortilla’s are most excellent and they are actually so good that I always order a variation of the same. This might be conservative of me, but it’s actually just a great success every time. The desserts are great to end the meal on and nothing’s too expensive.

If you are in Copenhagen, you should give this restaurant a try, you can find it on the following address:

Restaurant Casa Mexico
Torvegade 64
1400 KĂžbenhavn K

Enjoy your dinner!

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