Sucker Punch


It’s been a while since I watched this movie and it was received with mixed signals when I read reviews, talk to friends and look at IMDB. I would like to just talke about my experience and what I think of the movie and why you should or shouldn’t see the movie as soon as you can. Read on to find out!


Everyone saw the following trailer and the expectations for many people went skyhigh:

A trailer that promises what most people would deem as everything! Dragons, Samurais, Guns, Pretty women, Dancing, action and more action, a trouble girl trapped in a mental asylum, romance and fighting the trenches of what seems to be World War I. It seems almost impossible not to get super excited about this movie!

I know I was and a lot of my friends were as well! This movie promised everything we could hope a movie contains. I guess this is why a lot of my friends were disappointed with the movie when they finally saw it! I on the other hand was not and I’ll tell you why.


It’s just what I expected, meaning that I didn’t know the details, but the connection between a dragon, samurais, World War I and a mental asylum had to be pretty “thin”. In the case of this movie it is the symbolic fights against oppression and I found it to be completely plausible when this movie comes from the Director of 300 and Watchmen.


I must have been blown away by the visuals, because I thought the acting was just fine for this kind of movie. I would agree so far to say that it’s not amazing, but it fits the movie just fine and especially with the over the top nature of the movie I didn’t see it as out of place. It’s of course to each person to judge, but being picky on the actor’s performances in this kind of movie seems like a waste of energy to me, since it shadows the quite stunning universe that has been shown in this movie.

Visuals and world

From the bleakness of the real world we first enter into and the surreal and awesome vistas we are introduced to in the “trances” of the main character it is a breath taking vision of a world. I was impressed by the movies presentation of so many subjects I find interesting. It is a movie I would watch again and again just to check out the Samurais, the dragon or the World War I visuals with Steam zombies (yeah!). Whatever issues you have with the rest of the movie you should definitely see the movie anyway to gorge on the visuals! It is a very unique and fresh movie with a very distinct style.

My final words

I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding the movie, but the start of the movie nailed it for me! Sweet Dreams sung by the main character all the while a horrible scene plays out. It is just an excellent scene and the rest of the movie was awesome! I can recommend watching the movie on the biggest screen you can find with a bunch of friends that just enjoy the spectacle!