Ikebukero West Gate Park

Ikebukero West Gate Park

A show that I first watched in my Japanese evening class. It is one of the many interesting things that have come out of Japan. I found myself hooked to it’s style and the characters straight from the first episode. Read on to hear why.


Japanese TV shows and anime always provide some of the most original and outrageous characters that I have come across. This show also delivers. From the crazy gang lords to extremely coarse and shallow portrayals of girls that have nothing better to do than hang out in parks and go out with older men only to spend their money and make them think they are going to get lucky. The nights and days of life in Ikebukuro are filled with these characters. The first show introduces you to a lot of the main characters and if you like what you see, then it’s only going to get get better throughout the show. You’ll be watching the show for the characters.


Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a short show, but a lot of events take place during the episodes. Everything from murder, gang wars, romance, tragedy, bravery and mystery occur in and around the busy West Gate Park. The flow of the story is sometimes quick and jumbled and sometimes sort of slow and a bit confusing. Overall the story is okay, but ending is sort of unexpected and it suddenly concludes very quickly, but it is not the main attraction.

Why I recommend the show:

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a show I watched over a long period of time, due to the show being so different from western shows and it took me time to get back into the show after watching the first episode. It is far from a bad show, but the Japanese have a very different take on acting and moving a story along, and it is also the main reason to see this show. It has a very cliché approach to Japanese night life, but it also in great ways show just how different the Japanese culture is compared to say, European culture.

Give the first episode a try and see if you like it. It is a show you’ll either hate or love.