The Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh, when things don’t have to make sense

Watching the Mighty Boosh can only be likened to watching a great deal of Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketches, but in a more contemporary setting. This is one of the highest praises I can give this show.

The unlikely characters

The Mighty Boosh is a story about two friends, Howard and Vince, one of the most unlikely friendships I can imagine. Vince is a rockstar / local celebrity and everything he does in his life (almost) he succeeds at. Howard is the except opposite and has constantly been unable to do many of the things he has set out to do. He suffers from a lack of confidence that Vince oozes through every pore.

A random journey (Through time and space)

We follow their experiences as everything from Zookeepers in season 1, to Musicians in season 2 and shopkeepers for their friend Naboo in season 2 and 3. They meet the strangest characters and experience some of the oddest things I have seen in a long time.

I won’t go into much detail, but expect to see some very bizarre and at times, hard to comprehend, situations and figures. There are some episodes that as with everything succeed and some that do not reach the same heights of brilliance, but the same can be said about sketches from Monty Python, they might be so far out that they are simply not funny and rarely happens in the Mighty Boosh.

Give it a try

This is a show that comes with a large disclaimer, for it is not a show for everyone. It is british black humour at it’s finest (some would say worst) and it will either sit really well with you from the beginning, after 1-2 episodes or not at all.

I hope you give it a try, it was a show I got recommended by a friend and it totally below my radar until I gave it a try. Well and truly worth the watch. If you liked Black Books or / and The Blackadder, you will probably have a high chance of liking this show.