In 2010 a movie with a very unusual concept appeared. It was even braver than the concept that “I am Legend” toiled with, where one character would carry the entire movie. The main character in the movie is Paul Conroy, he’s working for an american company in Iraq and finds himself gagged and tied in a coffin underground.

Read on to know why you should see this movie

Why you should see Buried:

You never leave the coffin during the entire movie, you’re never granted anymore sense than Paul Conroy. I was thinking to myself that this movie would be completely unable to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie, but it did.

Buried completely surprises in intensity and execution, it is probably one of the most impressive feats of acting in such a long time. Ryan Reynolds quite easily establishes himself as one of the greatest new actors in recent time through this movie.

Watch it in a dark room or in a dark cinema with a couple of friends. It is a gripping and dramatic journey through desperation and entrapment!