Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In Bad Company for a second time!

I pre-ordered and played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in the beta, downloaded it as fast as I could and found that I was unable to join multiplayer games. This came after having been in a flawless and very smooth beta. 2 weeks later there was a fix patch, which corrected my troubles and sent me killing, bombing, grenading, healing, sniping, assaulting and engineering my way through a maze and absolutely stunning chaos and a soundscape quite unlike any other shooter I have ever played.

Here’s why Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has deserved the previous praise.


This game, this entity of a game is so freakishly well done when it comes to sound. I’ve been using the Wartapes sound setting, which means everything behaves as it should do in real life (or the Hollywood version of real combat). Sounds have more bass inside buildings, you get tonedeaf from explosions. Sounds come from their various directions. You get the feeling of power from tanks. This makes a frantic 32 player game simply amazing!


Everyone who has reviewed or talked about Bad Company 2, have been raving on and on about the way you can destroy environment or affect the battlefield by blowing things up! I am aware of how people might get tired of hearing about this, but sweet maker it is fantastic. You need a way into a house, garage or through a wall. Equip a grenade launcher and boom you got access! The gameplay options from this is nothing short of incredible. I’m playing Assault so much of the time, since I love the improvisation and options you get from having the underslung grenade launcher at all times. Nuts!
It is has been one of the rockiest launches of a game in recent history. Friend lists had to be reset, I was among a good percentage (not big) that were unable to join games for 2 weeks after launch. I’ve had a few odd crashes and some glitchy performance. I’ve had massive sessions without any hickups and I’ve enjoyed it immensely when it runs well. They’re working to fix the stability, but it is not 100% still.


I had the same feeling about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as I have with Dawn of War 2. I really really like the game and all that it is, but it has a few bugs that tests my patience. I am enjoying the times I have with it and that’s really what seals the deal. There might be some bugs, some glitches and a multiplayer with a few hiccups. But Playing with 4-8 friends, creating untold havoc, cooperating and generally truly marvelling at the way people put the game and the options to use is simply fantastic! Play this alone and you’ll be entertained, play this with a good bunch of friends and you’ll be having one of the best game experiences I’ve had in years!

Update: The Single player campaign

I’ve just finished the single player campaign and it does it’s job well with humour, random car chase scenes and stunning views over various landscapes. You’ll be fighting in jungle, snow, urban areas and everything in between. I like how it’s actually a pretty solid introduction to the weapons you’ll be using in the multiplayer. It has some great humour and so many weapons to use and so much destruction to enjoy. The story centers around an Aurora bomb, which was Japans secret superweapon during the 2nd world war. It kicks off there and then the ride begins as you unravel the mysteries. It’s entertaining and brief, but it has its moments!