God of War III

Truly there can only be one God of War!

When God of War 1 was released a legend was born! I have since the release of the first game and I still remember fondly the awesome power of the new God of War! Ever since I completed the first game, I have been silently waiting for the day when the third and final chapter would be unleashed! The 17th of March 2010, was the day when this happened!

I received my preorder on the day and I went to work with the game, resulting in a 9½ hour nonstop gaming spree with one of my roommates. Ending in a completed game and a trilogy well finished. Here’s the tale of those 9½ hours!


Few games have ever had a more impressive and awe inspiring main character as the God of War games. He is iconic, utterly brutal, arrogant, selfish, focused, uncompromising and unrelenting. This can be summed up to: “Fucking awesome”.

Kratos writes his own history in the God of War series and he even goes back in time to completely upset the flow of the greek mythology that I learned about in school. It is all driven by one single notion, vengeance! It is so rare to meet a character that is so hard to like, but you can’t help yourself! Kratos carves a path into his follower’s hearts by sheer force of will and he leaves only chaos and destruction in his path!

He also takes whoever he wants and does to them what needs to be done (Aphrodite I’m looking at you!)


From starting out “small” where you unlock the powers of Pandora’s box to the end of the reign of the Olympian gods. The story goes from a personal vendetta to ending the lives of mostly everyone that has ever mattered in Greek mythology.

Along the way almost every monster, hero or being is introduced and in almost every case, beaten to a pulp. It is done with raw and incredible violence and with such flair and fluidity that you can’t but ignore the somewhat thin story and obvious plot “twists”.

The 3rd game has the thinnest story, but makes up for it by being so incredibly brutal that you can’t help but cringe or feel nothing but either sympathy or brutal and savage delight for the victims of your actions!

Oh, the animated brutality:

I don’t want to say much, but you haven’t seen anything like God of War III before when it comes to brutality in a game! Play this game, enjoy it and suck in all the incredible details! I had the pleasure of seeing everything as it was meant to! Massive TV for a massive game!

All things comes to an end:

In the most epic game to date Kratos is truly the God of War! I was blown away by the size of this game. You’ll be fighting on titans, you’ll be slaying massive monsters. You’ll even be killing the king of the gods! No one is safe and no one can match your fury!

If you’re looking for a solid hack & slash game, that has an incredible visualisation and virtually no loading screens! You should definitely buy and play God of War III. It is not flawless by far, but it’s just a fantastic game!