Soul Eater

Soul Eater, a sound soul resides in a sound body and mind!

I just finished watching the 51 episodes of Soul Eater, an anime about the Shinigami’s (Grim Reaper’s) school of weapon wielding Meisters (gotta love the german), which is essentially young kids with special powers. The weapons are humans that have the ability to transform into various forms of weapons.

Soul Eater, as the name implies, has a lot of soul eating going on, I have never felt such a complete and in a sense horrible way of dying, even when you’re defeated you’re nothing but a small snack for the one that defeated you. This was actually very powerful throughout the show.


I really liked the style in Soul Eater, it’s very “rough” and the character designs are very simple, but very powerful and the main characters are really well done. The fights and their complexity and effects ramp up throughout the show.

The style of the show and the way it is presented fits really well.

Soul Eater


The plot and storyline is pretty basic. It has some nice twists and turns, but it’s not like you’re going to be gripping the edge of your seat, biting your nails trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

The formula is simple enough, you start out with introductions to the various important characters and as the story goes along everything converges on a central story line. As the story gets deeper and more focused, you start to unravel the various main characters pasts or flaws and they either overcome them or get lost in the past. I don’t want to go into specifics concerning the story, so I’ll leave it at that.

If you’re watching Soul Eater for the story alone you’ll probably be disappointed as it is as regular as they come. But what you’re going to love / hate is the characters. They will definitely make or break this animé for you, unless the action wins you over!


I am growing fonder and fonder of anime and the characters they come up with. Soul Eater is a character driven anime and has some of the funniest / most annoying or simply awesome characters throughout the story.

Everyone of the characters, with a few exceptions can go from drop dead serious to zany in split seconds. This can be an incredible turnoff, but I would argue that the switches and “moodswings” in Soul Eater are so funny / fantastic that it does some good for the show.

I grew really fond of all the main characters, as the story went along. I even grew fond of Excalibur (yeah there’s a character in there that’s called Excalibur and you won’t guess what he is), who acted as filler content but also tied in nicely with the main story line, though he was only present VERY little.

Black Star, Death the kid, Tsubaki and especially Soul were the ones I really enjoyed watching in the end, Maka (the main character), Liz and Patty ( hate that laugh! ) never quite my type of people, both due to horrible high pitched voices, but also being annoying characters. Though they were cool when it came to the action sections and that helped immensely.


Soul Eater is a well made, funny and action packed anime that borrows from german words, frankenstein (yeah!) and the Grim Reaper. It mixes everything up with a “Cool” approach and does some things I wasn’t expecting. The story didn’t surprise me much, but I’ve seen far worse! There are only a few filler episodes and their story is actually not all that bad, even though it might frustrate the hell out of most people!

Highly entertaining, cool action and very diverse character gallery makes this stand out compared to many shows.

I would recommend watching Soul Eater to people who have enjoyed shows like D-Gray Man, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and FullMetal Alchemist.