Batman - Arkham Asylum

Just another day at the Asylum

Some time ago, in a place not so far away, I spent some time in the glorious and twisted company of Bruce Wayne alias Batman. I have grown up with various incarnations of this man and his alternate life. I have always been fascinated by the superhero without powers, but a lot of cool gadgets and vehicles!

It is rare that I find myself in games, where I just had to get a little further and uncover the story! This game kept me hooked right to the end, I’ll explain why below!

The Joker:

First came Batman Begins and the follow-up The Dark Knight, which literally reinvented the Joker and everything else in the Batman universe was sent into a corner of forgotten things. I had, until I played Batman: Arkham Asylum, thought that it was not possible for anyone to even come close to Heath ledger’s place of glory, but I digress.

Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker, voice acts his way just below Heath Ledger as the real Joker. The only reason being that everything was handcrafted in Batman Arkham Asylum, where I’m more just so blown away by the way Heath Ledger singularly captures the very nature of the Joker.

As in the Dark Knight, the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asulum, really pulls you into the game. A character so twisted and violent, with so many psychotic ideas and amazing scenes you really want to up close and beat him up!

The Game:

I really liked the various characters you encounter throughout the game, from a very well sculpted Poison Ivy, to the Scarecrow, the Croc (not sure of his name) and especially Harley Quinn, she’s so mad and yet so interesting!

The mechanics of the game bore massive resemblance of being a console port to PC (which is the only platform for me). I felt quite “why am I tapping the spacebar repeatedly” when this kind of control was born and should be confined to the limited options on a console!

I liked the small riddler puzzles and especially since he was never in the game as a character, but he was a cool adversary and took by far the longest to bring down!


I’ll be buying the 2nd game, but it won’t be a day 1 purchase. I hope Rocksteady has more money to work with and don’t make the PC version a console port. They did a good port, but it still felt kinda cheap, when you had to press enter to get into the menu. Bottom line, it’s a great game and I can highly recommend it for anyone who loves the Batman universe.