The Firefly on the wall

I recently finished watching the Firefly tv show. Which was a very surprising and interesting watch. There are a lot of reasons why this show was worth watching and I’ll try to explain the main ones.


There are 2 things about Firefly that battle for my undivided devotion. The first being the characters in Firefly, as they are both crude, sensual, funny, courageous and deeply engaging. The crew and the various characters the crew encounters during their voyage throughout the cold, harsh reaches of space are also deeply flawed, as the crew, engaging and fascinating.

During Firefly I found myself laughing out loud, cheering on for various people and feeling no remorse for the ends certain people met. There is a great chemistry between the actors and it shows on screen. I really enjoyed the droplets of background that’s slowly gathers as you get further and further into the show.

The characters you encounter in range from everything between whores, brutes, psychics, genius mechanics, pilots, spoiled rich kids, seductresses and many more. The most impressive part of this is that everyone seems to fit into the the story and the setting.

The setting:

The second piece of Firefly that has me really interested in Firefly, is the Universe that Joss Whedon came up with. Firefly takes place in a future that seems distant, but really isn’t distant at all. Mankind has moved into space with spaceships and adventurers making a living with all sorts of work. There are smugglers, thieves, settlers, nobles, slavers, cruel and twisted barons and mysterious corporations. Whole planets are nothing but luxurious floating islands of decadence, while other planets are nothing but arid planets, where poor settlers are working day and night to just survive.

During the show you are shown all of these locations and more. You are shown a time where mankind has been forcefully united under a harsh singular rule. Where the law and order that controls the central planets of mankinds terroritory hasn’t reached the outer planets. Where people can make their own mark and where the law is whoever is the last man standing.

Everything in the universe of Firefly outside of the core planets are slightly broken and everything has been fixed just enough to make it work and that is the beauty of Firefly. Cyperpunk has not been done this well in any western show I’ve seen.


The various episodes in Firefly all center around jobs to make ends meet for the crew aboard the Firefly. Also intertwined are parts of the larger story, centering around 1 character of the crew.

The story was a solid facilitator for various events during the show, but I never found it to be the reason why I had to watch another episode.


During and after watching Firefly, I was heavily reminded of an anime show that I watched a while back, which is called Cowboy Bepop. This is one of the greatest anime’s I have ever seen and that is one of the greatest compliments I can give a show. and I would thoroughly recommend both Firefly and Cowboy Bepop, they are among the best shows I have seen in a long while.

The only bad thing about Firefly is that the show was cancelled and you will be left longing for more as the story really gets in gear!