The fascinating world of Rapture

I have just finished trekking my way through Rapture, a world of fascinating people and rampant abuse of power deep beneath the surface of the sea. I must say, the characters and the events that followed still managed to completely capture and hold me all the way through until I resurfaced and saw the clear blue sky once again.

Improvements, plasmids and a drill:

Being the big and strong father character that I am, I quickly recognised the wonders that had followed with Rapture being left to its own devices for a good 10 years. Much has improved and the state of Rapture has become even worse than the last time around. This all blends together for a great cocktail of upgrades, explosions, setting things on fire and sneaking about as the most silent behemoth clad in a diving suit. I’ll probably replay the game just to use the drill more as it was just amazingly simple and fun to ram enemies into the dirt.

Choices that affect you:

A visit to Rapture is not just a stroll down decaying gangways above the abyss, it is a multitude of choices and I found the choices I had to make during the second trip, were much more engaging and troubling.

Benevolent and good as I am, I managed to drag or spare the lives of the (un)willing victims of Rapture and save the day. I shall mayhaps return and rewrite that tale to a more sinister version! Time will tell, but I can’t get enough of Rapture, and its secrets that’s for sure.

The inevitable conclusion:

The trip down there was well worth the wait and money spent! I liked the first trip and I certainly enjoyed the streamlined second trip! I just hope if the third trip comes around that the characters I encounter are more fleshed out and the events transpire in a less straightforward manner.

Things I still need to try in Rapture:

I have not tried out the Multiplayer section yet, which I have only heard good things about, this will be for another day and another time!
I also would like to revisit the game again and see it from another angle!