The purpose of a blog!

The Reason:

For some time I have pondered and wondered if I would be able to keep a blog. I can as you might have noticed, come to the conclusion that this would be a fantastic outlet for my experiences with whatever I come across in my daily life.

The purpose of this blog is the have a place where I can pin down my thoughts on whatever I find interesting or worthwhile sharing with everyone else.

Plans for the blog:

I plan to style this blog away from the bland thing it is at the moment and make it my own! I also plan to link it to my various places on the internet and of course the other way around as well!

The content:

The posts on this blog will be everything from Games I’ve played and wanted to share my thoughts on, books I’ve read, things I’ve done for my work, places I’ve been that were interesting, things I can see from my window and so on!

The language:

I have decided to write in english only, since I enjoy the plethora of words that it offers me and I enjoy playing with words!

Enjoy your stay and feel free to comment on my posts.